Bud Light Variety Pack Premium Light Lager Citrus Beer 12 ea

Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Lemonade and Bud Light Orange beers are the classic Bud Light beer you know and love, but made with real citrus peels and in a beer variety pack. This light lager is brewed using a blend of premium aroma hop varieties, barley malts, rice and real citrus peels. Bud Light Lime uses real lime peels, Bud Light Lemonade uses real lemonade and Bud Light Orange uses real orange peels to ensure a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with a hint of real fruit flavor no matter which beer you drink. These Bud Light drinks are a premium beer made without any artificial flavors. Grab this case of beer cans for barbecues or any outdoor gatherings that call for refreshing drinks, or keep some stocked in your fridge so you’re prepared when it’s time for a Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Lemonade or Bud Light Orange.