BOCA Extra Large All American Veggie Burger with Non-GMO Soy, 4 ct Box

BOCA Extra Large Non-GMO Soy All American Veggie Burgers are twice as big as the standard BOCA burger, making it a delicious, filling meal. High in protein, each hearty frozen burger patty contains 26 grams of protein and 210 calories. Made from non-GMO soy that's seasoned to perfection, these juicy vegetarian patties boast a taste and texture just like burger meat. Cook them thoroughly on the stove, in the oven or microwave, or grill them up next time your enjoying a backyard cookout with friends and family. The 20 ounce box includes 4 extra-large veggie burgers that you can stash in the freezer so they're waiting when a burger craving strikes.