Bueno Vegan 6 Pack Red Chile & Zucchini Tamales 6 ea

Vegan. Made with stone ground corn. From our family to yours. Since 1951. A baca family tradition since 1951. The story of out Tamales. True to tradition, we're still making tamales the way our family did over 65 years ago, choosing time-honored methods over shortcuts. Our masa starts with non-GMO whole kernel corn, steeped slowly to gently retain the corn's natural goodness, and ground with ancient lava stones. We fill the tamales with a zesty combination of chile peppers and wholesome vegetables and hand wrap each one. The result is the quintessential tamale, full-bodied with authentic New World flavors and a delicate texture. Proudly made by the Baca Family. www.buenofoods.com. Watch the tamales are made!