Dunkin' French Vanilla Iced Coffee Bottle, 13.7 fl oz

Iced and coffee. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait. OK, we waited. Iced coffee is the go-to for an on-the-go pick-me-up. And nothing gets you running like Dunkin’ French Vanilla Iced Coffee. This smooth and flavorful French vanilla iced coffee is just the thing for that quick, cold, and satisfying boost to help keep you going. With 184 mg of caffeine per bottle, you’re getting more than one cup ‘o joe’s worth of pep in your step. And if you want to try more Dunkin’ Iced Coffee while you’re on-the-go, there’s a wide array of flavors to try: Dunkin’ Original Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Mocha Iced Coffee and Dunkin’ French Vanilla Iced Coffee. Whatever the flavor, make sure to sip this iced coffee cold to maximize its delicious potential. Grab a bottle today for that tasty boost you need to keep on running.