Fanta Pina Colada Soda Bottle, 20 fl oz

Choosing the right fruit soda can be a whole thing. But when you’ve got a delicious bottle of Fanta Piña Colada ready to go, the decision is easy. Why?​ Because it’s a tropical pool party for your tastebuds—and you’re the guest of honor. A delectable duo of pineapple and coconut doing a cannonball straight into your mouth. And even a tropical island resort for one. It’s the taste of a caffeine-free Fanta Piña Colada soda that is begging to be sipped, drank or even a little bit of both. Fanta has been making delicious flavors like this for literally, a long time. Not Jurassic long, or like a tortoise's lifespan long, but most likely before you were born long (unless you are a grandparent, in which case rock on gramps!). So anyway, you should trust Fanta when it comes to fruit soda. We have a lot of flavors you should try, and they are all super good. Grab yourself a 20oz bottle of Fanta Piña Colada soda—come on, the decision is easy.