Welcome to Gene's Health Foods

Fresh By Gene’s is a Kentucky Proud grocery store and deli that provides a fun and vibrant atmosphere serving up uniquely
created and organic sandwiches, fresh smoothies and juices, fresh soups, vitamins and more. Gene himself opened his first store in Oct 1980. In 2013, his grandchildren have owned and managed the store with as much care and concern as Gene originally had for the products he offered.
Gene’s offers a highly diversified but simple menu with a focus on fresh, organic food and a great selection of retail items. At Gene’s, we take the time to ensure the vitamin products that we carry are Good Manufacturing Practices Certified. What does that mean for you? The FDA goes to the packaging plant and does random testing to ensure that what is on the label is what is in the bottle. That whenever feasible our foods are organic and when they’re not we local source with other responsible companies. When you hire us for catering you can be rest assured that ALL deposable products are recycled and/or compostable.

The Fresh By Gene’s mission is to be the premier company in the health food space through an all-inclusive grocery, deli, vitamin retailer, and café with a personal touch. We hope to be the beacon of healthy and healthy, responsible living for this community and and inspiration for change in surrounding communities. Designed to provide great food and healthy choices to customers in a fun, lively environment, Fresh By Gene’s offers great flavor, aroma, and a truly unique experience for each customer.

We are currently looking to make our city as green as possible. We are looking to form a community committee so we can start putting into action some of the ideas we’ve put forth in several city forums.

On the Agenda:

Community Composting, Incentives for greening individual businesses, Finding better recycling options, looking to incentivize solar power companies and the people looking for installation, Incentives for new builds to be green builds going forward, community education in upcycling and conservation efforts.

Located at 1738 Moseley st Owensboro KY 42303